Monday, May 29, 2006

Comeback Kids

I was just saying the other day how the Sox haven't had many impressive comebacks this year and lo and behold...

They were behind 6-0 in Toronto tonight after four - to Roy Halladay no less - before they began to turn things around. And the longball was their ammo. Coco hit a solo homer in the fifth to put the Sox on the board, Manny hit a laser-beam into the second deck in left-center in the sixth, and Varitek just crushed a mistake to right in the eighth to make it a brand new ballgame. Kudos to the bullpen (Van Buren and Delcarmen) for holding the Jays at bay.

Now we're in the bottom of the eighth and the Jays just took the lead, 7-6. Sox have David Riske pitching. I know Timlin's out and all, buy why not a few more batters for Delcarmen?

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