Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sox Win a Crazy One

Great performance today from Wakefield, who went eight innings and didn't allow a run.

Sox are leading right now, 5-0, in the top of the 9th. Two down. Rudy Seanez trying to seal the deal against Josh Paul.

Ball. Streeeek. 1-1. Foul. 1-2. And the crowd is standing, chanting Rudy's name...

Inside. 2-2. Checked-swing ball. 3-2. Men on first and second going on the pitch. Foul. Foul. Foul. Seanez can win over a lot cynics right here.

Ball four. Bases loaded. And Rudy leaves to a chorus of boos - see how quickly it can all turn? Who's coming in - Delcarmen or Tavarez? It's Tavarez. All three of these guys has to do more while Timlin is out.

Strike 1 to Norton. Strike 2. Back to back changeups from Julian. Ball, outside. 1-2. And holy cow, it's a swing and a miss that gets away from Mirabelli. 5-1, Sox, still bases loaded, all guys on without getting hits. Joey Gathright up. Let's, um, end this now, okay Jules?

Ball one. Ball two. 2-0. Ball. 3-0. Tavarez grooves a strike, 3-1. Ball four. 5-2, Sox.

Francona doesn't want to use Papelbon today. Delcarmen's up in the pen. Julio Lugo at the plate. Ball one. Ball two. This is not pretty. Three and oh. Strike, 3-1. Ball four. Another goddamn run is in.

Sox relievers have given up five walks in the ninth inning - this is what gives managers ulcers. Tavarez is staying in there.

1-0 to Carl Crawford. Strike on the outside edge. 1-1. Ball. 2-1. Strike, 2-2. The D-Rays have scored three runs without the benefit of a hit. And now they've got one - Crawford lines one to left. One run in, and a play at the plate!! Out!! Sox hold on to win 5-4. What an ending. And what a great throw by Willie Harris to Jason Varitek to nail Joey Gathright at the plate.

Not the ending you want after being in control of the game, but a win's a win. Sox pull off the four-game sweep and now head on the road for a tough stretch - three against Toronto, three against the red-hot Tigers, and four in the Bronx. Yanks won today, 6-5. Lead in the AL East stays at 2 games.

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