Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well I'll Bedard

Can you throw left-handed, like this guy? The Yankees need you. The Sox lost last night to another tough lefty not named Randy Johnson, this time Canada's own Erik Bedard. Bedard held the offense to 2 measly hits over seven innings, allowing the Orioles to beat Boston for the first time in 13 straight attempts. The Sox mounted a comeback in the 9th inning with Papi's home run making it 4-3, but Wee Willie Harris inexplicably got thrown out trying to steal second to end the game. Not a good move, especially with a pure fastball hitter (Trot) in the box against a pure fastball pitcher (Chris Ray). Turns out Willie had the 'hold' sign, but he thought it was only for the first pitch. Willie, we knew Dave Roberts and believe me, you're no Dave Roberts.

Yanks won another one last night against the Rangers. Sox have the day off today and then it's off to the City of Brotherly Love for three against the streaking Phillies. Yup, intra-league play starts on Friday. Francona will have to figure out a way to keep Papi's bat in the lineup, even though the big fella hasn't played first since last year. In all likelihood, Ortiz, Youkilis and Lowell will each get a day off, which blows. All three guys have been stroking the ball. Speculation is that Lowell will sit Saturday because of his crappy track record against Phillies righty Brett Myers, and Papi will probably get Sunday off (day game after a night game). Clement vs. Lieber in Game 1 tomorrow evening.

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